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From paragliding to surfing, from dog sledding to canyoning, Manawa features more than 6 700 curated outdoor activities, in more than 25 countries in Europe, Africa and Oceania.


Baja Bikes tour & bike rental company, operating in over 175 cities. With local guides, you can discover both highlights and hidden spots. Or you can explore on your own and choose the bike rental-only option.

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Discover your favourite destination on an iconic hop-on hop-off bus tour. See all of the key landmarks along the way and enjoy fabulous panoramic views from the open-top deck.

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Eco-certified means better tomorrow

If a hotel has an ecolabel certification, it's been recognised for its work in environmental protection and sustainable practices.

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Redefining luxury for value-driven guests

What does the word 'luxury' mean? When it comes to travel, it might call up images of attentive service and lavish accommodation, burnished in marble and gold or copper and wood. To others, maybe it conjures up well-dressed staff, neatly folded linens, or flowers in a vase. In short, a luxury stay means paying a premium for comfort.

And while luxury in the classical sense still retains its exclusivity, Covid is now helping broaden what it could mean. Now, previously high-end values like security, flexibility, and uniqueness are making their way into different markets - bolstering the quality of travel for those willing to pay for it, even outside of luxury sectors.

Indeed, the flexibility afforded by travel insurance was one of the firsts to cross over from high-end trips. Once mostly in the realm of luxury travel, protecting oneself against cancellation or postponement became more and more essential during the pandemic. According to airfare comparison site Next Vacay, an analysis of Google searches over the last year found a 233% jump in users asking whether coverage is worth the cost.  

As a response to customer concerns of value, Forbes reports that modular and bespoke options are becoming more popular, allowing travelers to choose an insurance that fits their needs. Bidroom itself, for example, has launched such an option, with the help of startup Setoo and insurance provider Axa.  

The demand for unique getaways is also making its way into economy travel. Including options like boutique hotels, Italian alberghi diffusi, and vacation rentals, it's driven by a pent-up need for the perfect holiday. Think picturesque adventures with a close group of friends, frequently away from cities and large crowds. 

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As security, flexibility and uniqueness become more essential in travel, is it reframing how we think of luxury, quality, and value?

Meanwhile, luxury accommodations have also adapted to the pandemic. At the beginning of the crisis, for example, hotels with light-touch guest management models and integrated tech fared best. What's more, the ability to offer a safe haven for longer stays during fluctuating restrictions also gave an advantage - especially in the form of full and private kitchen and laundry facilities, for example.  

In current luxury sectors, safety has been dialled up and reimagined. Some possibilities for future accommodations may include antibacterial surfaces, more touchless solutions, and plastic wrapped appliances. Upcoming trends, meanwhile, may be adults-only luxury resorts and new high-end experiences, like in-room five-star dining in Michelin-star hotels.

And now, we're already seeing a ramp-up for the industry as a whole. For example, in Q2 2021, spending in travel exceeded spending in retail. According to Vogue Business, it rose 61% compared to last year. Foreign travel, meanwhile, grew over 300%, according to the Bureau of Economic Analysis. Indeed, according to the US Travel Association, 63% of Americans polled "desperately" need a vacation. 

And signs are pointing to luxury travel being the first to bounce back. Skift reports, for example, that Google search interest for the keyword "luxury hotels" is at its highest since 2006, and that some luxury US hotels are reporting a dramatic increase in demand. Meanwhile, Vogue Business found that luxury resort rates are up as much as 30% compared to 2019. 

Experts have noted a K-shaped recovery in travel, one where the wealthy made a comeback sooner than others, and their traveling has followed suit. But as the luxury hospitality economy comes back anew, with it comes an opportunity. Professionals in economy travel can take note of what's changed and make changes accordingly, to reinforce value for guests, who will get a stay that goes above and beyond - regardless of the price.  


By Rachel Bathgate